A Unique Holiday Experience 

A farm stay and courses all rolled into one amazing week.

What we are offering;

* 7 Nights stay in a self catering caravan. 

* 4 Days working with us learning the contents of The Smallholding Experience, Diary Goat Keeping and The Kitchen Garden Workshop. You will also learn the daily routine and have the opportunity to meet all the animals, feed them and take part in their daily care.

* You will enjoy a cream tea in the gardens


When you have confirmed the dates you'd like to book please email us direct here to get your booking confirmed   thebluecottagesmallholding@gmail.com

We will ask for a deposit at the time of booking and request that the full payment is made within the last 7 days before your arrival. If you cancel within these 7 days the deposit is non refundable. Any other time you will receive a full refund of any money paid should you be unable to continue with your booking. You will be staying on a working smallholding and be with us on our smallholding throughout parts of the day. Both properties have dogs, noisy animals at times, geese, a donkey, cockerels and more to boot. There is peace and quiet to be found, but you must be aware that whilst this is a holiday it is also a chance to learn and to be involved. If you have any questions please email us direct;  thebluecottagesmallholding@gmail.com or alternatively ring Emma direct on

07766 028 202.

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